User Experience and Design

If you need some design inspiration, working prototypes or wireframes for your app, then I can help. We can work together to make every feature of your app seem obvious and natural to the user.

From the main navigation to the simple placement of a button, your app's content can be surfaced in a way that is expressive and intuitive. As with all services, this is an iterative process, delivering rich prototypes to you on a regular basis and responding quickly to feedback. This will allow you to get a good idea of your apps behaviour before development even begins.

If you already have a development team and need some design assistance, then I can help there too. I've been involved with some beautiful projects in the past, with content that pops from the screen and makes the apps a pleasure to use. Whether it's icons, buttons or stunning photographs, I can work within your team to make your app a polished gem.

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