Server Software

Server software is the heart of many apps, housing business rules and customer data. If you already have an app, or are currently building one, I can help you build a fast and robust backend to support it. This will allow your app to scale quickly, as well as uncovering insights into user behaviour that can give your brand a crucial edge.

For your app to perform well, the retrieval of data should be as fast as possible, even in poor network conditions. Functions like search should be as accurate and relevant as possible, and all of this should be done in a way that is secure for both you and your users.

If your app is currently in development, I can work alongside your team to craft an API that is both simple and easy to use. My experience in building APIs for mobile apps means that moving your app to other platforms will then be easy as well. For more information on specific technologies, and how we can work with the software you have already, please contact me.

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