Change It


This app enables buskers, charities and homeless people to accept cashless donations. Using just the camera on their smartphone, a pedestrian can scan a branded QR code and be taken immediately to a payment screen. From there, they can donate any amount of money they like, using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a regular debit card payment.

It was important to keep the payment screen simple, so that the whole interaction can be as quick as pulling physical change out of a pocket. We implemented an online store using Shopify, so that buskers, charities or fundraisers can purchase signs, cards and stickers with their QR code on them. These signs were fine-tuned to be eye catching and to attract donations from passers-by. 


This solution has the benefit that anyone could donate money from a distance, without having to approach a card reader like iZettle or PayPal. This also meant that multiple transactions could take place at the same time and, crucially, that the person giving has complete control over how much they give.